The grumpiest rainbow

The Grumpiest Rainbow.png

Sometimes, I write children’s stories for my girls, Sienna (5) loves this one…


Once upon a time, after a very long period of rain, the sun finally reappeared.  As it had been gloomy for quite some time, the sun reflected her beautiful light and it refracted and dispersed in the water droplets, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. This is also commonly known as a rainbow.

The sun loved when this happened, so she took time to take in the beautiful wonder, however she was rather startled when she saw this rainbow, so startled in fact that she let out a little gasp. The rainbow overheard.

“well then, spit it out you sunny happy shiny thing” grimaced the rainbow.

“Oh hello there rainbow, I’m the sun, it really is lovely to see you” said the sun.

“Well I may be a brand new rainbow, but you sure as anything do not seem happy to see me at all” huffed the rainbow.

“Oh my” said the embarrassed sun, “I was just a little startled as I have actually never in all my years seen a rainbow like you before”.

“What? a male rainbow?” said Grumpy Mr Rainbow.

“No, no, no, no, that’s not it” said the sun sort of uncomfortably.

“Well is it because I’m small? Am I a small rainbow?” said Mr Rainbow sort of sadly.

“No, rainbows come in all shapes and sizes actually, well they are usually the same shape, actually they are always the same shape but I have definitely seem different sized rainbows and you are not the smallest, not that size matters I’m sure” said the Sun.

“Is it my colours?” asked Mr Rainbow, genuinely curious now to understand why the Sun was looking at him so funny.

“Well, if I am perfectly honest, I have never seen a rainbow of your colours before! They are usually Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue, and you’re Orange and Red and Brown and Black, Grey and Murky Cream!”

“Oh” said the rainbow, his frown getting even deeper than it already was

“But I love your colours, what surprised me Mr Rainbow, if I may call you that, is that, well, I’m not sure how to say this, I have never, ever, in all of my rises and all of my sets, ever laid eyes on a grumpy rainbow before!, so I wanted to ask, are you ok?”

“Not really” said the rainbow sort of sadly “You see, all the other rainbows are Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue and there is a lovely song people can sing to remember their colours and everyone always smiles and points and gets very excited when they see them you know… and well, I am a bit more mustardy and grey and brown and… well, I sort of feel like my colours are a bit like poo”

Well, the sun simply couldn’t help herself. She let out the sunniest, warmest, most shiniest laugh “Oh my, you certainly are a very funny rainbow! Yes it is true, you are unique but who says the other colours are what make the best physique? I love your murky, warm and dynamic different colours, I just wish you would smile a little like the others! A grumpy rainbow can’t spread cheer – I’m sure that is your purpose isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, cheer, joy, wonder! I almost forgot! That is my job and I love it A LOT!, Here I am worrying and feeling grumpy about how I look, I nearly, very nearly have lost the PLOT!, thank you for reminding me of my why, it doesn’t matter if my colours look like a dropped pie!” and with that, the grumpy rainbow smiled. His smile was so radiant and warm that the sun was taken a back and gasped again… this time, her gasp was that of wonder and delight.

The grumpiest rainbow was beautiful and wondrous and his colours sparkled as he proudly remembered his why and purpose in the world.

You see, when we worry about what others are doing, how they look or what they are good at, we get distracted from our own beauty and we forget to shine our colours as bright as we can for the world to see.

The End


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